Social Responsibility

We at VIL Limited are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility. Our aim is to promote our CSR objectives not only within our Core Company and shareholders, but also within our suppliers, transporters, subcontractors, customers, clients and also the neighboring village population in our project areas.

Areas of Action Plan for CSR are as under: -

  • Environment & HSE Policy Prepare Environment Management Plan and ensure its implementation. This includes provision of bag filters in Hot Mix Plants, Water Sprinkling arrangements at Crushers and aggregate unloading points and noise control arrangements at D. G sets etc.
  • Awareness program for staff in regard to environmental issues.
  • Ensure reduction in consumption of Energy, water and other natural resources.


Outstanding business performance requires outstanding HSE performance. This means the protection of the health and safety of our people and of those affected by our business, the protection of our physical assets and reputation and the protection of the environment. HSE Policy cascades from our Business Principles, thus:

  • we believe all injuries are preventable
  • we provide healthy, safe and secure work environments
  • we make a positive contribution to the protection of the environment
  • we reduce to the minimum practicable any adverse effects of our operations on the environment

In this:

  • we go beyond compliance with local regulation to meet or exceed internationally accepted good practice in health, safety and environmental management.We recognize that HSE is everyone's responsibility and that we each have a duty to intervene to prevent unsafe actions and to reinforce good behaviors. Our goal is zero injuries. The safe delivery of projects and operation of facilities is a critical success factor - it is not just the end result that matters, we care about how we get there. We aim to be an industry leader in HSE performance.


We will:

  • Ensure that all management decisions reflect our HSE intentions.
  • Ensure all employees understand their HSE accountabilities and demonstrate visible HSE leadership.
  • Ensure that our HSE management systems reflect best industry practice and are properly resourced. We will continually improve by ensuring that lessons are always learned.
  • Provide direction, education, training and supervision to ensure that all employees understand the required behaviors and the consequences of non-compliance. Good HSE performance is essential for career advancement.
  • Ensure that our contractors understand their HSE accountabilities and required behaviors, share our aspirations and are aware of the consequences of non-compliance.
  •  We will learn continually from each other's experiences work with our partners to achieve internationally accepted good practice in HSE and learn continually from each other's experiences.

  • Adopt a risk-based approach to the design, construction and operation of facilities across their full life cycle.
  • Take account of stakeholder HSE concerns through involving and consulting with employees and their representatives, communities where we operate, government authorities, customers and shareholders.
  • Continually improve our HSE performance so that work related ill health and incidents are reduced and so that environmental emissions, waste and the use of energy are reduced relative to activity.
  • Comply with this Policy and drive HSE improvements by setting expectations and objectives and reviewing, monitoring and auditing performance.
  • Publicly report on key HSE objectives and performance, fully co-operate with relevant government agencies and work with the industry to improve HSE practices.
  • Regularly review this Policy.

2. Health

  • Appointment of a full time Medical Officer at work sites to take care of health of workers.
  • Educate workers and labourers in Aids Control measures as also to spread awareness in Neighboring village population.
  • Take preventive measures against spread of epidemic diseases in labours camps and Neighboring villages.

3. Community Service

  • To provide funds to N.G.O's and social service organizations for organizing Medical and Eye Relief Camps.
  • Look for opportunities to provide help to community organizations and local institutions by way of making available equipment free of cost for community welfare purposes.