Our Strength

VIL has a well structured organisation and is capable of delivering simultaneously at multiple locations. A highly experienced Board of Directors leads the enterprise. We leverage the combined domain knowledge of the personnel, from Directors to skilled workers, for consistent quality delivery.

Backed by the strength of experience and financials, we have the capability to take up large infrastructure projects either on our own or as part of a consortium. Our qualified, well trained and committed workforce enables us to adhere to project schedules, even under adverse circumstances. VIL has dedicated cadres of engineers and technicians in several disciplines, all deeply attached to the philosophy of the Company.


While our personnel are encouraged to learn and grow by taking responsibilities across several functional disciplines, professionals at VIL can broadly be classified into the following disciplines.

  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Management Professionals
  • Chartered Accountants and Commerce Professionals
  • Computer Professionals

Our Culture

At VIL, relationships and commitments are valued above all else. On project teams, as well as in our interactions with clients and partners, attempt is made to create an environment of openness with a mission to achieve the common goal with sincerity, dedication and hard work.

Our personnel consist of a cosmopolitan mix of people from diverse social backgrounds and varied experiences who work together in a community of shared learning, mutual respect and energetic collaboration. This highly committed and motivated workforce along with the management is driven by the resolve to successfully complete our projects within time and budget, and achieve Client Satisfaction.